Airport Time

Airport Time helps you plan your next trip to the airport. You can search for any international airport in the US.

Using your current location, it provides driving and public-transit directions via Google Maps, with the amount of time it will take to get there. Airport delay info and current weather are included.

You can also save favorite airports and keep directions in the background for your last searched destination.

I Can't Believe It's Not Twitter

I wrote ICBINT as a class project in the excellent CodePath Android training course.

It's a Twitter client, featuring OAuth authentication, your full timeline, and the major features of the standard Twitter app, including posting, viewing other users' timelines, and browsing your timeline with infinite scroll.



A demo app using Backbone.js. It's got a few more rules than your basic to-do: tasks in the To Do column can't be dragged straight to Done without a stop in In Progress.

I didn't know about Trello when I was asked to write this... but it's pretty great!

JS Find

Written as a mobile-friendly exercise, this toolbar emulates the Find on Page... tool in Firefox.

Hatbox(a mobile image lightbox)

Another exercise in JavaScript plugins made to be friendly to mobile devices: a simple image slideshow that cycles through all images on a page.